Fall 2015 Wrap Up

This past semester has been an awesome and exciting one for Alpha Sigma Gamma! We accomplished and participated in so much as an organization!

The Rush Event for the Fall was splendid! With the theme being “You’re the Ones that We Want”!

We had a blast during Homecoming Week being on team Black Onyx with Beta Theta Pi and Alpha Kappa Lambda! Together we were able to raise enough money to get Third Place in the Philanthropy Category!

We raised $1,412.81 during our Breast Cancer Awareness Week that will be going towards our philanthropy Bright Pink! We also raised over $1,000 for the Adair County YMCA this semester!

AND we activated all 30 amazing girls of this years pledge class into our sorority!

This semester has been a whirlwind, and I can not wait to see what our lovely sorority does in the semesters and years to come!

Sincerely you PR Chair,

Jennifer Lowe

2015 pledge class

2015 actives

Fall 2013 Semester Wrap Up!

What an amazing semester ASG has had this fall! There are so many things we’ve accomplished and participated in!

-We had an amazing rush event – Rush at Gatsby’s being the theme!

-All our girls had a blast being part of team Pacific Blue during this year’s “Catch the Wave” Homecoming!

-Our Breast Cancer Awareness Week  raised over $1,000 for our philanthropy Bright Pink!

-We won the 2013 Outstanding Service Organization Award!

-Did  2,804.25 hours of service this semester, and 6,531.25 hours for 2013!

Cannot wait to see what these ladies do again next semester, I’m sure it will be wonderful!

Sincerely your PR Chair,

Rebecca Reitz


Fall 2013 Newsletter

Spring 2013 Wrap Up

What a successful spring semester ASG has had!!

-We had a majority of our girls participate in Truman’s BIG Event, doing service all around the community!

-We had an extremely successful service retreat, serving not one, not two, but THREE wonderful locations in the St. Louis.

-We welcomed 30 new beautiful pledges into our sorority and said goodbye to 34 amazing new alumni members

-And overall we completed 4,209 hours of service!!!! So proud of everyone for working so hard!

Read more about our incredible semester in this Spring’s Newsletter posted here!

Spring 2013 Newsletter

Have a wonderful summer ladies! And get excited for a fantastic fall semester!

Sincerely Your PR Chair,

Erika Holliday

spring 13 activation

Spring 13 Pledge class


alum spring 2013

Spring 13 Alum Class


Spring Break!

Hey all! So Truman just had their spring break and some of our ASG sisters went to some pretty cool places! But they weren’t the only ones that travelled! Check out these photos of our ladies and their ducks around the country (and some out of!)


Duckies doing some shopping in St. Louis! With our wonderful sisters Michelle Howard and Emily Jacob.


Our beautiful sister Taylor Telken and her ducky say hello from Destin, Florida!


Ducks like to camp too! This is brought to us from our wonderful sister, Erin Nyquist, from a mission trip she was on in Avant, OK.


Some of us made it all the way to Mexico! Here is Haley Casper and her duck in Los Cabos, Mexico!



Lucky Ducks! It’s our sisters, Peggy Ceresia and Ashley Dickerhoff celebrating St. Patricks Day in St. Louis!


Spring Rush 2013

Last week we had our spring rush and it went fabulously! The theme was “Live from the Ville, it’s Alpha Sigma Gamma” and both actives and rushee’s had a great time! The week ended with 30 wonderful ladies that we proudly inducted into ASG.

Here are some pictures from last weeks festivities!

rush 1


rush 2


rush 3


rush 4


rush 5

ASG 2012 accomplishments

It seems like another year has gone by just like that! As we begin to look towards all of the wonderful possibilities that the year 2013 holds for ASG, we can also look back at all of the extraordinary accomplishments we made during the 2012 year.

Here are just a few that come to mind:

  • We welcomed 59 new active duckies into ASG
  • We completed over 7,000 hours of service!
  • We have participated in various new service opportunities
  • We did a fantastic job in all of our IM’s! Including winning the award for Overall Intramural Champs for the 2011-2012 school year!
  • We won Frats at Bat
  • We revamped our twitter, Facebook page and website
  • We had 4 of our alumni members receive Leadership Recognition Awards
  • We participated in a fantastic homecoming week, including placing 3rd in lip sync!
  • We had over 90 ASG girls represent our organization at Big Event
  • We successfully granted 45 girls alumni membership
  • We had 2 very successful service trips working with the Girls Scouts of America
  • We put on 2 super fun formals, one of them being in Columbia, Mo
  • We revamped our philanthropies
  • AND elected a wonderful new exec board for the 2013 year!

As your new public relations chair, I am super proud of this organization and all of the amazing things we have completed this year; it makes me so much more excited to see what great achievements we will make in the year to come!

For more information about the things listed above, stay tuned for a copy of our newsletter, which should be out later this month!

Marathon Weekend!

Fall 2012 Alumni

It’s been a busy weekend for ASG! We welcomed 30 new actives, 18 new executive board members, and 18 new alumni members!


Fall 2012 Actives:

Kelsey Boydston

Elise Brummett

Emily Clyatt

Samantha Collins

Erin Cowling

Talli Currie

Lauren Dendrinellis

Lauren Desmond

Betty Grauberger

Michelle Howard

Michelle Krahenbuhl

Olivia Lahman

Kelsie Langenberg

Sammi McCain

Katie McEntee

Abby McKim

Mackenzie Meade

Katie Mohan

Lydia Nagel

Lauren Neeson

Petra Peterman

Katie Shields

Morgan Siebert

Ashley Strege

Elizabeth Sutton

Taylor Telken

Kaytlin Tippin

Emma Vonder Haar

Rachel White

Nettie Williams

2013 Executive Board

President: Alli Beining

Vice President: Abby Bockhaus

Secretary: Emily Jacob

Treasurer: Rachel Savage

Parliamentarian: Brooke Dean

Pledge Educators: Karen Kendrick & Claire LaMarche

Service Chairs: Mary Beth Meyers & Hanna Mills

Social Chairs: Jeanette Harris & Anna Sumner

Philanthropy Chair: Erin Cohen

Memoirs Chair: Peggy Ceresia

Public Relations Chair: Erika Holliday

Campus Liason: Lizzy Ruzicka

IM Chair: Erin Small

Homecoming Chair: Taylor Telkin & Nettie Williams

Fall 2012 Alumni Class

Taylor Colvin

Rachel Marx

Olivia Schorheuser

Rachel Messamaker

Emily Davidson

Kelley Koenig

Carly Brotemarkle

Rachael Beckerman

Stephanie Sears

Caitlyn Davis

Claire Domian

Kristen Lilley

Caitlin Hilterbrand

Courtney Rigdon

Cara Lowry

Jenny True

Liz Fifer

Sarah Lux

It’s been a crazy, emotional, exciting weekend for all of us, but one that brought us all closer together! 

Fall 2012 Highlights


As the women of Alpha Sigma Gamma look forward to our well-deserved Thanksgiving break, it’s time to look back on some of the highlights of Fall 2012 so far….

Fall 2012 Rush: “Come together right now in ASG”

Goofing around during Rush

Meet the 2012 Executive Board!


The pledge class of Fall 2012!

ASG takes the top spot at the annual Frats at Bat softball tournament!

ASG’s 3rd place Lip Sync Team!

Just hanging out with Spike during the Homecoming Bar-B-Que.

The semester has been wonderful so far, but we still have a few more weeks of ASG fun left! Keep posted for more Fall 2012 updates!